About ME

My name is Slaven Fanfani graphical eng. by education. At the moment Vienna based .
In Montenegro you can enjoy my photos  printed on canvas or else where you want.
Art studio Slaven is the name of company.
In Vienna finally  I am following the bureaucracy  rules to start my own company, but don’t worry I am filling my web/desktop galleries in the mid time.
Most of the photos are in souvenir shops across the Montenegrian cost and on the post cards on “S-Press” stands.
Continue reading if you want to find  how will your photos look like and  by that I mean:
you are here for finding photos of everyday elixir of freedom,
or just yourself and friends. When the selfies are not enough or selfie stick is not long enough!
Too much talking… let’s go!

The love for Photography started as a passion for Landscape photography from National Geographic magazines. In that earlier stages I had a Zenit film camera which my mother won in competition for best journalistic story in the early 80’s (yes, she was a  journalist ), I broke it after short period of time with no guilt because most of the photos were blurry, overexposed, camera was to heavy to handle and operate with it.  Next one was automatic Canon camera. That was much more easier to handle, but there was one problem: In 1998 there was no official Canon service in Yugoslavia. The closest one was in Budapest. The problem with camera was that “plastic thing” that holds together  camera doors and body was broken. Canon started much earlier with lousy mass production and I am a witness for a life time.   After the disappointment of not beginning with photography school I become Offset printer, or press operator.  Yes, that profession is to press PRINT. You are learning that operation for 4 years in High school and 3 years in the university. After the university which I proudly say I really “studied it”  ( 9 years and good student finishes in 3)  I had some experience in photography but much more in printing and drinking beer with the same people around us, because not like normal European students who were free to travel a world and work for the normal  salaries we were forced to dream about foreign Beer but in open mind and realistic way(as usual, cheers).

Since 2009 we moved out from Serbia/Montenegro in the best Beer country in the world ” BELGIUM”, that was a new starting point for my photography life. I started with studies in Royal academy for Fine arts in Antwerpen. I followed for 3 years, met some interesting people but not so many Belgians. They are not that much  friendly especially in Flanders, but I am pleased that we made friends across the globe. Exhibitions were at least twice per year. In these several years I didn’t finished  the Academy because it was too hard get everything under control… But my wife finished here PhD thesis….etc

After 4 years of Belgian beer we moved in the city of music, Vienna.
The gear that I am using is Nikon branded. Full frame, DX camera bodies, several lenses and Epson 11 colors printer for the best print results possible.