Cooking the food for dummies. Recipe directly send to Oven or 3D Printer

cooking with no skills
Future was now, while you red it now is the future past.

How to: meal from Internet prepare with just few clicks at your home?

Just a click away meal.

You see a good recipe on the internet and want to just send it to your Oven or other smart device like smartPot on you stove. Smart Oven like this one (img. under) are accepting and reading the recipes from internet by line commands and bake/cook your meal in no time.

smart oven
This one

Follow this steps:

Only thing you need are ingredients(for now).

  • Find a recipe
  • Save it
  • Send it to your connected cooking device
  • read your device notice if any errors
  • read through the steps on your device screen
  • make some changes if needed
  • insert the ingredients by following the recipe procedure
  • Always Accept and confirm, after each step
  • Start cooking
  • When alarm signals follow the next step

Enjoy the meal and luckily this is not coming yet soon since you can print the food with only limited ingredients and all at once.

Can AI do cooking

Yes. Since you already cooked your first Click meal from internet and you made some changes AI will make a suggestion for the next similar meals. You just approve or decline suggestions one after each other.

How food tasted before AI?

The same

What is AI?

Just a bunch of changed rules in loops.

How can I stop AI?

Don’t share your personal data. Let them guess and make errors or something great.

Does Elon Mask uses AI to make people angry?


Was I here for food?


Why am I reading this?

You like to read answers.



Rotating 3D print head units in the food industry

But just maybe you can use the mode like a textile screen printing tech.
So you have a rotating substrates(food) with fixed 3D printer units above. That way you can layer up the substrate.

Cheaper version?

Order in a local restaurant.

Can a 3D printer print real food?

Plenty of Limitations present.

Is there a 3D printer that makes food?

Chocolate yes and some other stuff.

3D printed icecream
You like frozen balls?

Is 3D printed food healthy?

? Which one is? If you are years back treated your body with McDonald’s and Coca Cola any is good. You build your immune system on a high level of toxicity.

Is 3D printing food expensive?

Is custom made, so yes. Like any other personalized product.

Is this text for real?