Advertise on the Google Earth- Street View

Personalized Ads on the street view, Moving pictures on the Billboards, updated info about the store.

My favorite coffee shop is having a special offer today.
By visiting our shop with Street View you can find a special offers just for you. It is really personalized since you visit us with a google history years on.
Even the coffee shop made a special offer just for your name.
Visit us on Street View and see the Storefront. Scroll, zoom, pin, visit update.

Can I watch the tv in Street View?
Moving down the street I see the Time Square in NY ads on the screens, shops,…etc.

Wow that’s so advanced, ads just for me or my interests group.

Instead of static store fronts, screens place a videos, ads, promo folders.

Add Google My business to Google Earth/ Street View with a click. Set the rules what to change and update.