Object detection device placement on the wind turbine

Placing an device of moving object detection on the wind turbine can start a light when the moving objects get near it onshore and offshore. Can start a lights/sound of warning on the blades and the structure or turn off the blades. Inside the wind turbine can be inserted an light detectors if any rust … Read more

Advertise on the Google Earth- Street View

Personalized Ads on the street view, Moving pictures on the Billboards, updated info about the store. My favorite coffee shop is having a special offer today.By visiting our shop with Street View you can find a special offers just for you. It is really personalized since you visit us with a google history years on. … Read more

Chat room inside on the pin in Google Earth/ Street View

Let’s meet on the virtual place around the globe and have a chat. Google Street View would be a perfect place. OK. I found a pub in Ireland and who is for a pint of my virtual friends?Random, schedule of invitation. Oh Yes. I saw a person and we had an eye contact for a … Read more

A slogan

Samen sterker ‘maar’ alleen ben ik rijker. I was thinking what this corona brings us.