Jazz Album CD Cover design – DEVET – Devet

Custom artwork cover design – DEVET – Devet

World Jazz with bulgarian folk music motifs.

Nikola Stanosevic and Lubomir Gospodinov are DEVET
Genre: World: Bulgarian Folk
Release Date: 2019
Location: Vienna Austria
Painting cover: Mikhail Evstafiev

As a designer I found out that they(DEVET) wanted the CD cover to be a mix of modern design with a touch of eastern note.
Using a simple origami shape of the number 9 from the Mikhail Evstafiev painting and bright background to show movement.

Traditional Jazz Album artwork Cover design with a cropped painting in modern Origami style and text of the authors name
Cover of the Album Devet

The inside of the packaging is clean and easy to read.

Second page of the album design with a multi exposure 3d elements of the smiled musicians
Second page of the Album design

The second page is a photo with the 3D photo elements of the faces of the artists with a relevant info’s of the album recording.

CD design of the album with the modern design and a number 9 in the middle with a copyright note.
The look of CD

The CD itself is still in the elements of the painting with a huge number 9 and a copyright note. Background of the CD is a painting in a B&W mode.

Fourth page of the album with a collage of the photos and a group shot of the musicians in the stuio recording and thank you note.
Fourth page of the Album

Fourth page of the album is a photo collage of the photos taken during the recording session with a group shot and a thank you note.

Painting as an artwork idea for a cd jazz album design.
Page #5

Fifth page is a painting from Mikhail Evstafiev alone.

Sixth page of the artwork with the origami painting, song tittle and duration, musicians who played the album and
Page #6

Sixth page is a same design from as cover with the song titles and a names of the musicians who played on the recording.

Ready to print album artwork jazz CD album with 6 pages.
Album artwork ready to print file with a bleeding of 3mm

The album is recorded in the studio: Tonstudio C-Arts Classical Arts
Painting cover: Mikhail Evstafiev
World Jazz with bulgarian folk music motifs. (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/devet3)
Printing: https://www.media-care.at/