Drink Recipes – Alcohol cocktail drink Monkey (Majmun)

1 Great Cocktail Recipe You Should Know with Coca Cola, red wine and Vodka

red wine, vodka and coca cola drink cocktail
Coca Cola, Vodka and red wine together

Cocktail Ingredients For Entertaining At Any Time

  • Vodka
  • Red Wine
  • Coca Cola

Cocktail Recipe

Really tasty and strong alcohol cocktail drink, easy to make.
In the 0.2glas pour: half half red wine and Coke and one shot of Vodka. Stir not shake it and enjoy.
Don’t find it strange about the mix, just try it.

new year cocktail
left to right: Red wine, Vodka and the biggest polluter of plastics in the world Coca Cola

When to drink this?


street cocktail drink
Getting ready

NO Hangover alcohol cocktail drink:

100% headache free if the wine and Vodka are top quality.
A bit problem with the stomach 🙂 but afternoon you are just fine.

cevapcici hangover
Easy breakfast – Cevapcici

by: Z.Ognjen, A.Vukovic and me in 2004
made in Montenegro (org. name Majmun)!!!